Can You Take the TEAS Test at Home? Everything You Need to Know

Can You Take the TEAS Test at Home

Learners contemplating taking the TEAS have come up with a way of answering, “Can you take the TEAS test at home?” Majority of the students enrolling in American nursing schools come from all over the world, which necessitates the proctored exams system. Our TEAS experts explain how to register and take the home-based TEAS exam. They will also help you take the TEAS test at home using our special proctored exam software.

Can You Take the TEAS Test at Home?

Yes. ATI TEAS applicants can register and take the proctored exam at home or anywhere with uninterrupted internet access. Learners who chose this option must heed to being monitored via webcam, screen recording, and audio recording. These mechanisms are put in place to ensure exam integrity.

Evaluating Your Options: Reasons to Consider Taking the Test at Home

Taking the TEAS test at home guarantees convenience and practicality. They align with the evolving technological landscape shaping the education sector. Unlike in-person physical exams, home-based TEAS exam combines both flexibility and convenience. Applicants do not have to travel miles or incur extra costs to take their ATI TEAS.

The home-based proctored exam allows examiners to score exams on the go. Applicants no longer need to worry about the results waiting period. Unlike physical exams, this mechanism takes 24 to 48 hours to get grades. With a proctored system, examiners can administer the test from a bank of questions that support instant grading. Automated scoring reduces the need for in-person grading by instructions, ensuring consistency of the evaluation. Some ATI administrators also deploy data-driven insights. They can use software to instantly generate percentile ranks, composite scores, raw scores, and minimum scores for all applicants.

The remote proctored exam also comes as an amicable solution to stress reduction. It alleviates test anxiety as applicants take exams in their already familiar environment. A conducive atmosphere guarantees improved performance and the chance to reach the targeted scores. The best part is that learners can find a way to cheat on their proctored exams by delegating their tests to experts.

How to Register for the ATI Remote Proctored Test at Home

Registering for the ATI TEAS online exam is a cinch with these steps:

  • Visit ATI TEAS’s official website at and sign up for an applicant’s account. New signups must key in their details, including their name, physical address, email address, and contact information. You don’t have to sign up if you already have an active account.
  • On the account, select Register for TEAS Test at home. This option is available on the student’s dashboard or at the top left of the homepage.
  • Pick the TEAS version. The most current version is the 7th ATI TEAS test 2023. However, some administrators may require learners to take other previous versions, especially as a refresher exam.
  • Choose the test’s details, including the preferred date and time, based on the learner’s schedule. Beware that most administrators provide schedules that fit their programs. If that’s the case, applicants must stick to the details.
  • Pick “remote proctored exam” when choosing the preferred test-taking method. Then, review the details provided and pay for the exam. ATI TEAS administrators accept credit payments, and applicants should expect to pay between $65 to $70 for remote online exams.
  • Do the computer’s system check, then confirm the application status via email.

Note that the registration process differs depending on the Learner’s Management System and the proctoring software used. For example, some administrations will share links to students with instruction to follow particular rules their IT team recommends. Contrarily, some administrators will integrate the proctoring system link on the LSM. Then, learners access the exam on their dashboards.  

How to Set Up the Testing Space for Home-Based Proctored Exam

An ideal testing environment should be conducive and quiet to minimize destruction. The room should be clutter-free to eliminate exam aids, and the room must meet the TEAS “Clear desk policy.” Most institutions do not allow learners to take a test with a computer on their laps. Thus, the test-taker must also have table or desk for the workspace. Items to keep at bay include reference materials, calculators, other electronic devices, baggage and handbags, foods and beverages, and other screens.

ATI Proctored Exam Test at Home Instructions

Before considering if “can you take the TEAS test at home” is viable, all learners should:

  • Verify the stability of the internet connection to ensure its reliability
  • Check that their computing devices are fully charged
  • Check with their administrator whether the proctoring software is up-to-date
  • Verify whether their computers’ hardware is in working order. This hardware includes the microphone and webcam.
  • Ascertain the availability of all resources and exam materials needed, including pen, paper, calculator, and other reference materials.
  • Have their government-issued ID ready

Can You Take the Test at Home? The Bottomline

The answer to “Can you take the TEAS Test at home?” is YES. Learners can take the test in the comfort of their homes by picking the “remote proctored exam” option during the exam registration. If you need help, contact our customer support and benefit from our immense experience in bypassing the proctoring system to deliver an A+.

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