ATI TEAS Science: Format, Passing Scores & Study Tips

ATI TEAS Science

The ATI TEAS Science demonstrates apex aptitude and understanding of science concepts, showing the learners’ ability to perform in the actual nursing school. Preparing adequately by covering and mastering all the concepts for the best performance is essential. Our expert will show you what’s on the ATI TEAS science section, the question format, and how to prepare for this section. If you need help with the questions, click on the link below for assistance.

About the ATI TEAS Science Section: Understanding the Question Dynamics

The ATI TEAS science section is one of the four content areas of the TEAS. It consists of 50 questions, but only 44 add to the learners’ final grade. The remaining six questions are used for the institution’s internal purposes.

These 44 questions are subdivided into four main sub-content areas, as explained below:

Human Anatomy and Physiology: 18 Questions

This subsection tests the test-taker’s understanding of the concepts related to the structure and function of the human body. Expect questions on popular topics like cellular functions, organs and organ systems, skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, endocrine system, respiratory system, hemostasis, and other prominent biological systems. Primarily, these section needs learners to have a firm foundation in the anatomy and physiology concepts learned through high school. Thus, they are basic to intermediate-level quizzes.

Biology: 9 Questions

This subsection assesses the test-taker’s understanding of other fundamental biology principles and concepts beyond human anatomy and physiology. Questions in the Biology sub-content area may include topics like evolution, ecology, microbiology, ecosystem, cell biology, and genetics. Expect questions covering photosynthesis, meiosis, and other fundamental processes in biological diversity.

Chemistry: 8 Questions

The chemistry sub-section contains a general question on high-school topics. It assesses learners’ understanding of critical topics like chemical elements and the periodic table, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, chemical formulas and equations, acids and bases, chemical solutions, chemical nomenclature, and more. Applicants with a strong background in intermediate-level chemistry topics should find these questions manageable.

Scientific Reasoning: 9 Questions

This sub-section assesses the student’s understanding of the general scientific principles and their applications in real-life scenarios. Expect general application questions across anatomy, life sciences, chemistry, physics, measurements and data, scientific methods, and health and wellness. Learners must also stay up-to-date with the scientific terminologies as they’re prevalent in this section.

How to Prepare for the ATI TEAS Science Section: The Expert Tips

The ATI TEAS Science section comprises 50 questions learners must complete in 60 minutes. It means the test-taker has only 1.2 minutes to brainstorm and provide the best answer for each quiz. Preparing adequately and adopting the best test-taking strategies can ensure ample time to tackle all the questions for the best scores. Here are our expert recommended tips to acing your ATI TEAS Science section:

Understand the Question Types and Adopt the Best Test-Taking Strategies

ATI TEAS Science has four primary question types:

  • Multichoice questions: They are the most common. Learners are presented with a question and a set of answers. They must select a correct answer within the set provided. Read the entire question stem and spell out keywords, absolute statements, and contextual clues. Use these clues to eliminate the wrong answers and predict the correct choice. 
  • Matching Questions: These questions require test-takers to match an item from one list to another item in another list. Read through the two lists between the lines, skim both lists to identify critical patterns and how items relate, and then eliminate options. Match the most obvious connections without second-guessing. If unsure, double-check your work and make methodical guesses.
  • Order-Response Questions: These questions require learners to rank items in a particular sequence or order. Read through these questions to examine all options, then use a systematic approach to compare options. Reexamine the question stem to understand the criteria followed and use it to rank the choices provided.
  • Fill in the Blank Questions: These questions require learners to fill in the blank section with the correct answer. Read the entire question length to identify contextual clues, word forms, patterns, and grammar that can help you predict the correct response. Use the elimination process for the incorrect choices.

These test-taking strategies take effort and time to master. Start nurturing them as early as now by taking exercise tests. 

Invest in the Official ATI Study Materials

ATI TEAS Science requires strategic planning and preparation. The official ATI study resources and guides are formulated to mirror the actual exam. They help learners to familiarize themselves with the question types, examination conditions, and the best test-taking strategies.

Study resources to use for the ATI TEAS Science sections include:

  • The ATI TEAS Study Manual from the ATI Website
  • The Mometrix I Study Guide
  • The ATI TEAS Flashcard
  • Video tutorials from YouTube

Contact our support for all these resources under one roof.

Create a Study Schedule

A study schedule is the test-taker’s roadmap to achieving the best grade. It should allocate adequate time for each subsection of the TEAS science. Take a diagnostic test before to help you identify areas of weakness. Then, design a study schedule that prioritizes those areas to balance your understanding of the key concepts.

Use Flashcards and Visual Aids

As you read the official ATI study resources, create a flashcard to help you memorize scientific concepts, formulas, and processes. The visual aid should also contain scientific methods, data presentations, chemistry essentials, and key terminologies.

Can I Bypass ATI TEAS Science Without Being Caught?

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Make Your ATI TEAS Science Section Stand Out

The ATI TEAS Science section is important and learners have to read every resource that comes their way. Try your best to limit your preparation to studying the resources recommended above. Contact our ATI TEAS experts for assistance if you need help, both learning materials and the actual exam.

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