ATI TEAS English: Question and Preparation Tips from Our Experts

ATI TEAS English

The ATI TEAS English refers to the English and Language Section of the Test for TEST of Essential Academic Skill (TEAS). It assesses the applicant’s proficiency and understanding of the fundamental English concepts, grammar rules, and language mechanics. The ATI TEAS English also entails making meanings out of passages to test the examinee’s comprehension abilities. Our ATI test experts delve into the ATI TEAS English question dynamics and how to prepare for it. We can also help you do the exam.

What’s On the ATI TEAS ENGLISH? Understanding the Question Dynamics and Formulation

ATI TEAS English comprises 37 questions the test-taker must complete within 37 minutes. However, only 33 questions go toward grading. The 4 remaining questions go toward the institution’s internal purposes, usually gauging the authenticity of the test.

For this timeframe, learners have 1 minute to answer each question. This process includes reading and comprehending the passages presented. The ATI TEAS English is further broken down into 3 primary sub-content areas, as explained below:

Knowledge of the Language: 11 Questions

The sub-content area covers a broad range of questions relating to foundational skills in the English language. Learners should expect questions on word usage, understanding vocabulary, and contextual agreements. You may also be asked to identify the meaning of words, their synonyms and antonyms, and language structuring. 

Conventions of Standard English: 12 Questions

It tests the learner’s understanding of the conventions of American English. It primarily assesses the applicant’s knowledge of the grammar mechanics and rules that govern written English. Expect questions on subject-verb agreement, punctuation, spelling, and diction. Learners may also be asked to identify sentence errors or choose the correct verb tense.

Using Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writing: 10 Questions

The sub-content area is also broad, focusing on grammar and language mechanics, word choice and usage, meanings of sentences, and structuring and phrasing. In most cases, learners are tested on the organization and clarity of a passage or asked to reorder sentences. Also, coming out strongly on the 7th ATI TEAS is identifying the main ideas of a paragraph.

How to Prepare for the ATI English TEAS: Your Guide to Getting a Perfect Score

When preparing for the ATI TEAS, it’s natural to find yourself so indulged in studying other complex content areas like ATI TEAS Math or ATI TEAS Science. The biggest mistake any learner can make is overstepping the English section, as it equally counts toward your final score. The beauty of this section is that it only tests the learners’ understanding of basic English. Thus, preparing for it should be engaging and enticing. Here are our expert-recommended tips for preparing for the ATI English TEAS:

Begin By Taking Timed Practice Tests

Preparing adequately for TEAS English requires learners to be confident in mastering the foundational and fundamental English concepts. If English is not your first language, understand that there will be some level of apprehension. However, you can mitigate the anxiety by taking timed practice tests that simulate examination conditions. We recommend 3 practice tests—one being a diagnostic test at the beginning of your study preps and the other at the end of your studies.

Study Grammar Rules Extensively

Learn the basic grammar rules like subject-verb agreements, sentence structuring, and pronoun usage. Identify and correct common grammar mistakes in paragraphs, essays, or stand-alone phrases.

Widen Your Understanding of the Basic Vocabulary

Learning about English vocabulary is a life-long journey. We recommend reading books related to ATI TEAS English and practicing using past papers for the test. Look up unfamiliar words, define terms, and incorporate new words into your daily English usage.

Practice Passage Comprehension

Go through passages, fictional works, articles, and essays, and read between lines. Summarize the work into main ideas and themes. Identify the tone and underlying purpose of the excerpts.

Special Guidelines for the ATI TEAS English

  • Before answering the question, analyze the instructions provided to develop context clues, recall facts, or identify particular rules relevant to the question.
  • Use the “approximate prediction” method to eliminate obviously incorrect choices, especially in multiple-choice questions. This method requires learners to make a specific prediction based on the underlying knowledge of the key concepts.
  • Match answers before making predictions. This method allows you to eliminate odd options from a set of answers.
  • Be cautious of questions requiring you to make logical conclusions. You must deduct your conclusion based on the text provided and not your judgment.
  • Be cautious of questions with italics or bolds. Use these visual elements to draw vital information regarding the context of the question, facts presented, and specific prompts needed.
  • Treat each text you read as a fact as they determine their own reality. Don’t make your deductions based on what you learned when preparing or what you already know.

You Can Make Your ATI TEAS English Stand Out

While it’s true that the ATI TEAS English section can be the most challenging, especially for non-native speakers, don’t let the pressure and anxiety bring you down. Engage in structured learning that focuses on crucial study materials and practice one step at a time. With our handy guide, you can ultimately ace your test without extra help. However, if you are unsure of your capabilities, call us to help you with ATI TEAS English test.

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