ATI TEAS 6 Math: Preparation Tips and Exam Details


The ATI TEAS 6 Math is a pivotal point of reference when preparing for the ATI TEAS Math section. It covers the fundamental concepts and questions that make up the ATI TEAS Math 7. In this guide, our exam helpers have broken down the ATI TEAS Math 6 to help learners navigate its format, question types, and other intricacies. We will also show you how to bypass the ATI TEAS to gain a competitive edge over other applicants. 

What’s On ATI TEAS 6 Math and How Does It Compare to ATI TEAS Math 7?

The ATI TEAS Math 6 consists of 36 questions categorized into two main sub-sections:

Numbers and Algebra

This section has 23  high school-level questions on numbers and algebraic topics. They assess the test-taker’s understanding of Arithmetic operations, order of operations, ratios and properties, percentages, algebraic expressions, exponents and roots, basic geometry, and scientific notations. Learners can also find a few word problems to test their understanding of the algebraic and number concepts in real-life scenarios.

Measurement and Data

This section has 9 questions also from high school level measurement and data topics. They test the learner’s understanding of basic statistics, data presentation, and measurements. Popular topics featuring prominently in this sub-section include units of measurement, conversions between units, units of averages, data presentation measures, and interpreting graphs.

ATI Math TEAS 6 differs from ATI TEAS Math 7 in the number of questions and the completion time. While ATI Math 6 has 36 questions, ATI Math 7 has 38 questions. Both exams have 4 unscored or pretest questions for the institution’s internal purposes. ATI Math 6 has a 54-minute completion time, while ATI Math 7 has 57 minutes. Otherwise, the format, sub-sections, structure, and question types are similar.

What’s a Good Score for the ATI TEAS 6 Math section?

A good score in ATI TEAS math is subjective since there isn’t a baseline or passing score for this particular content area. However, you’d want to achieve the minimum grade or feature in the percentile score. That means you must target 65-75%. This score may be higher if you plan on joining a competitive program or nursing school. Be sure to communicate with your ATI administrator before mapping your study schedule.

How to Prepare for the ATI TEAS 6 Math: Tips for Success in ATI Math TEAS

The ATI TEAS Math aptitude test assesses learners’ quantitative and data insights and how best they can use critical math concepts to answer timed questions. Each applicant has 54 minutes to tackle 36 questions. It means each question must take up 1.5 minutes. Here’s how to prepare to manage your time efficiently, brainstorm ideas, and conduct accurate calculations that best reflect your understanding of the topics tested.

Begin By Taking a Mock or Diagnostic Test to Understand Your Baseline Score

Once you have understood what’s on the ATI TEAS Math, the next step entails understanding your current knowledge of the topics tested to deduce how much gap you need to bridge. The baseline score should detail all the information you need for the objective study schedule. It must uncover your areas of weakness and strength and the sub-sectional scores. You’ll need two or more diagnostic tests during your weekly preparation to assess your progress.

Create a Study Schedule

Estimate the amount you must spend on the preparation, then devise a study schedule. Remember that the study schedule should be sequential, data-driven, and comprehensive. Begin by blocking time off in your calendar and estimating the number of hours per week to go toward your study comfortably. Then, partition your schedule into the number of active study hours, practice tests, rests, discussions, and diagnostic tests.

Invest in the Right Resources and Execute Your Study Plan

Applicants who get high scores in ATI Math TEAS admit to using a 3-stage learning process:

  • Mastering the concepts and methodologies
  • Cementing the concepts learned
  • Assessing their readiness for the test

However, they must invest in weeks of targeted learning to excel in this process. The three phases above should help you pick the materials necessary to excel in your ATI Math TEAS. Here are the essential study resources we recommend for the TEAS:

  1. TEAS practice tests from the ATI Study Guide
  2. Mometrix I Study Guide
  3. Flashcards and visual aids
  4. Online Math ATI TEAS 6 Prep course
  5. Online videos and tutorials, including the YouTube Videos by Brandon Craft and Khan Academy

Can I Cheat in the ATI TEAS 6 Math Section?

Yes! Our ATI TEAS Math Proctored Exam Overpass Software bypasses the ATI TEAS proctoring technology and allows students to delegate exams to Math Gurus. Click on the link below, fill in the exam details and we ae happy to help.

ATI TEAS 6 Math Preparation Tips and Exam Details: The Bottom Line

Even though ATI TEAS 6 Math was phased out and replaced by ATI Math TEAS 7, it remains a vital resource for preparing for ATI TEAS 7. Learners would want to invest their time to study the exam format, question type, and test-taking techniques. For more details and questions regarding ATI Math 6 TEAS, contact us for 1-on-1 consultations, and we will help prepare and do the ATI TEAS exam for you.

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