ATI Leadership Proctored Exam: Exam Help, Study Guides & Notes

ATI Leadership Proctored Exam

Success in the ATI Leadership proctored exam requires at least proficiency level 2 of the NCLEX-RN® standards in all content areas. It means the student must attain at least the absolute minimum expectations set by the school administering the exam. However, a minimum score may not be adequate for admission since some schools consider the national percentile for highly competitive programs. Our proctored exam experts explain how students can streamline their study plan for focused ATI leadership preparations. We also cover study materials necessary for developing a firmer grasp of the exam’s content areas and help students with their ATI proctored leadership exams.

ATI Leadership Exam Format

The ATI Leadership proctored exam is a computer-based test comprising multiple-choice questions across four content areas:


The Reading content area consists of passages with questions spanning four sub-content areas: Key ideas and details, craft and structure, and integration of knowledge and ideas. Each sub-content area contributes 22, 14, and 11 questions, respectively. The Reading content area takes 64 minutes to complete. Thus, each question should take about 2 minutes and 15 seconds of answering time.

Essential Math

The ATI leadership math testing area contributes 38 items of the total 170 questions on the TEAS. Learners have 54 minutes to complete this section. However, only 34 questions go toward the final scores. The essential math has two sub-content areas: Numbers and Algebra and Measurement and Data, with each area contributing 18 and 16 items, respectively.

Basic Science

The science section of the ATI leadership contributes 50 items, but only 44 are scored. It takes 60 minutes to complete. This section comprises 5 sub-content areas: Human Anatomy & Physiology (18), Biology (9), Chemistry (8), and Scientific Reasoning (9).

English and Language Usage

The English and Language Usage is the last section of the ATI Leadership Proctored Exam. It contributes 37 questions, scoring only 33. Test-takers have 37 minutes to answer all questions across 3 sub-content areas: Convention of Standard English (12), Knowledge of Language (11), and Using Language and Vocabulary in Expressing Ideas in Writing (10).

ATI Leadership Proctored Exam Success: Streamlining the Exam Preparation Plan

Success in the ATI Leadership proctored exam results from extensive, focused, and thorough preparation that takes weeks. To prepare adequately for this test, learners must study the exam content and stay up-to-date with its format and time-management skills. These preparation measures can help one increase confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and ultimately achieve higher scores.

Create a Study Schedule

According to Victoria University, Australia, learners who develop study schedules manage their time effectively. They break tasks into bits to achieve their learning goals. An ideal study timetable allows them to prioritize tasks based on urgency. It is flexible enough to accommodate urgent academic projects and changes or unexpected events in their lists of priorities. Prepping for the ATI leadership proctored exam takes weeks, and the study timetable is the tool to stay focused and aligned with the study goals.

Understand the Exam Format

By understanding the exam format, learners can prepare psychologically, hence limiting anxiety. Most importantly, test-takers can predict question types likely to appear on the test, practice how much time to allocate for each section, and adopt appropriate answering techniques.

Practice with Sample Questions

Practicing with sample questions is a sure way to harden the information learned in the student’s memory, which enhances retention. Sample questions are extracted from past papers, and they can help students understand the structure of the exam and time constraints to boost their test-taking skills, enhance confidence, and eliminate anxiety. Some past papers are also helpful in identifying patterns an applicant needs to bolster their content mastery. Contact our support for comprehensive sample questions and test answers needed to prepare for the ATI Leadership Proctored Exam.

Where Can I Get ATI Leadership Proctored Exam Study Guides?

Learners can get all the materials and resources they need for ATI Leadership exam preparation from us. In addition to the sample questions and test answers, we also provide:

  • ATI comprehensive review books, exam outlines, and answer keys
  • Reference materials and peer-reviewed articles
  • ATI Online practice tests with answers
  • Study partners comprised experts ready to hold up their hands through the preparation
  • Study plans that cover all relevant topics
  • Other support resources, including notes and self-assessment tools

We understand that students are not equal. For personalized support, consider delegating the exam to test helpers.  

ATI Leadership Proctored Exam: The Partying Shot

The ATI Leadership proctored exam can be challenging, but it is not intended to be punitive. Knowing the exam format, test preparation measures, and the best study resources to use, as covered in this blog, makes success a cinch. If stuck, read our guide on bypassing the ATI-proctored TEAS or use our unique proctored exam-help software to delegate the exam to our top experts. 

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