ATI Exit Exam 2023

ATI Exit Exam 2023

Quantitative studies show a significant correlation between ATI Predictor Exams and NCLEX-RN performance. On average, ATI exit exams are 78-87.5% reliable predictors of NCLEX-RN successful pass rates, as shown in ATI 2019 Technical Manual and Gardner Web University’s “Predicting NCLEX-RN Success” annual reports. The ATI Exit Exam 2023 is designed to provide numeric indications of the likelihood of passing the 2023 NCLEX-RN Exam. Our ATI TEAS experts explain what the exit exam entails, including its format and passing grades. Get help from our ATI Exit exams to build confidence and a firm foundation for passing the NCLEX-RN.

What is ATI Exit Exam 2023?

The ATI Exit Exam 2023 is the 10th Version of the ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor exam. Learners take the predictor exam for two purposes: to assess their current readiness for the NCLEX-RN and to guide their remediation efforts by bridging the gaps in conceptual understanding. ATI Predictor exam scores are expressed as a percentage correct. Thus, learners can account for the missed items in the nursing curriculum and cover them in their NCLEX preps.

ATI Exit Exam 2023 Format and Question Types

The ATI exit exam has 180 items designed to assess the student’s current knowledge of the nursing concepts featuring prominently in the NCLEX-RN exam. The questions align with those asked on the NCLEX-RN and PN to help students develop a firm grasp and sense of what to anticipate in the NCLEX. Questions on the ATI Predictor Exam cover the following areas:

Nursing Fundamentals

Topics on Nursing Fundamentals introduce learners to the nursing processes, principles of patient care, cultural differences, nursing frameworks, and evidence-based assessments. NCLEX and ATI Predictor nursing fundamentals questions cover the 14 components of the need theory of Nursing.

Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric is a specialized nursing study field focusing on caring for neonates and children up to adolescence. Questions on pediatric nursing assess the learner’s understanding of the age group, psychosocial theories, and psychosexual theories. Some questions also cover growth and development, family-centered care, assessment and monitoring, and mitigating pediatric conditions.

Medical-Surgical Nursing

The medical-surgical nursing field studies care provision for adult patients under different health conditions. ATI Exit Exam Questions cover patient management, pain management, wound care, infection control, fluid and electrolyte balance, and other multi-disciplinary care. The field is multi-disciplinary and challenging. Thus, learners must identify weaknesses by taking the ATI exam to prepare for the NCLEX.


Becoming a fully-fledged pharmacologist requires an adept understanding of the drugs and their impacts on living organisms, particularly humans. ATI exam pharmacology questions include drug administration, pharmacokinetics, drug response, drug interactions with receptors, therapeutic index, and pharmacogenomics. Learners also get questions on dosages, drug formulas, ethical considerations, and patient awareness.

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric-mental health nursing studies care for mentally challenged patients. Questions in this nursing field cover mental wellness promotions, support for the mentally challenged, ethical considerations, and advocating for the rights of mentally ill patients. Other questions involved creating and implementing individual care plans, promoting a safe environment for the mentally ill, and assessing aggressiveness and violent behaviors among patients.

ATI Comprehensive Predictor Exam 2023 Passing Grades

The ATI Exit Exam has 180 questions, but only 150 go toward the final scores. The 30 additional questions are for testing the exam to determine necessary improvements. The ATI Exit Exam passing grades depend on the university or college administering the test, with many colleges requiring students to get at least 70 to 80 correct scores.

How to Score the ATI Exit Exam 2023

Every question on the ATI comprehensive predictor has a point value which adds to the final score. Institutions scale the final score as a percentage, which reflects the probability of a particular student passing the NCLEX-RN. Most colleges have a 70% cut score. Getting a 70%+ in the ATI exit means the student will likely pass the NCLEX-RN.

  • 80.7%-100% on the ATI Exit Exam=99% success chance on the NCLEX
  • 78%-80% on the ATI Exit Exam= 98% success chance on the NCLEX

In addition to the scaled percentages, ATI Exit Exam has three proficiency levels, as explained below:

  • Level 1: Scores in Level 1 mean the learner met minimum requirements regarding the competency level, performance expectations, knowledge level, and NCLEX Standards.
  • Level 2: Scores in Level 2 mean the learner is almost certain to meet the minimum requirements regarding their competence level, performance expectation, knowledge level, and NCLEX-Standards.
  • Level 3:  Level 3 scores mean the learner exceeded the minimum expectations set to gauge the competence level, performance expectation, knowledge level, and NCLEX standards.

Learners with Level 1 scores need robust preparation to cover the extensive deficit in the nursing content tested on the NCLEX-RN. Most schools require at least level 2 scores. Learners with level 2 scores only need remediations to strengthen their deficit areas and perform on the NCLEX. Level 3 is the highest in terms of proficiency index. It requires minimal preparation and remediation to guarantee NCLEX-RN success.

ATI Exit Exam 2023: Final Thoughts

Outperforming in the ATI Exit Exam is necessary for learners looking to set a foundation for success in NCLEX-RN. Get full-length guidance and ATI Comprehensive predictor exam help from our top ATI TEAS experts to achieve level 3 scores. A simple message, “Do my ATI Exit Exam,” is all you need to begin with us.  

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