ATI CAT Exam: Key Insights Student Needs to Know


The ATI CAT exam assesses nurses’ knowledge and skills in the medical field using a computerized adaptive testing system. It tailor-make questions and analyses responses to ascertain their apprehension of complex medical scenarios. If you answer the questions correctly, the exam becomes complex, and vice versa. Our online exam experts discuss how the ATI CAT testing system works and provide tips for passing the exam. Students who need assistance in the ATI CAT exam can contact our exam experts for information on how to use our software to circumvent the ATI proctored system undetected.

How NCLEX ATI Exams Work

The ATI CAT exam uses a computerized system to assign students questions based on their ability. The system gives questions in four difficulty levels during the exam – easy, medium, hard, and complex. The simple questions always come first, gradually becoming harder as students answer them correctly. If a student gives an incorrect answer, the system downgrades to less challenging questions until they can consistently answer questions correctly.

The questions on the exam are based on a student’s ability instead of general questions for all students. The curated questions allow the system to determine the learner’s probability of succeeding in the nursing program. At the end of the exam, students get a performance evaluation report with the following essential details:

Total Questions Answered

The ATI CAT exam has a combined 265 questions, though some test-takers do as little as 75 questions for NCLEX-RN and 85 for NCLEX-PN. Typically, the exam length depends on a student’s performance on the assigned difficulty level. 

If a student answers questions inconsistently, the more the questions that appear. On the other hand, answering more than half the questions correctly in a difficulty level allows students to do the minimum number of questions in the exam.

Student Rank

The ATI CAT system ranks students based on their overall performance compared to other examinees in the same difficulty level. For example, if the system indicates the 77th percentile on a student’s report, it shows they performed better than 77% of test-takers in the same category. Higher percentiles always show a student performed well in the exam rank.

Exam Score

The ATI CAT exam assigns a score based on students’ ability to answer questions in their difficulty level. Scoring 0% in any difficulty level is considered a failure, while a minimum of 60% proves that the system has matched students with the right questions. Percentages above 60% show students are well-versed with the exam content.

Overall Performance

The report has a final section with the overall performance information. This section includes the total attempted questions, percentile, and correct score that students can use to determine their weaknesses and improve.

Tips for Passing the ATI NCLEX Exam

Passing the NCLEX exam requires students to draw from their past nursing experience and general academic knowledge. Use these tips to prepare for your ATI exam effectively:

  1. Familiarize with the format: Understand that all NCLEX exams are different. Familiarize with the exam format through practice questions to get an idea of what to expect in the exam.
  2. Avoid over-relying on clinical experience: While drawing answers from your clinical experience is okay, some questions require objective answers to avoid bias.
  3. Use your best learning style: Use images, audio, and other advanced learning methods, such as practice tests and discussions for revision.
  4. Prepare for exam day: Sleep and eat well before the exam for maximum energy and concentration. Carry any items to the testing area that make you comfortable during the exam.

Can I Cheat on My ATI CAT Exam?

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Excel in Your Upcoming ATI CAT Exam

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