2023 AP Statistics Test

2023 AP Statistics Test

Data from the College Board shows that 245,000 students registered for the 2023 AP Statistics Test. Among these, only 2 applicants managed a 100% score, and 60% of the total test-takers achieved 3+ points necessary to proceed into top-tier colleges. It is statistically logical to infer that virtually half the applicants didn’t manage the desired grades, which begs the question of how difficult the AP statistics test is. Our statistics experts explain what 2023 AP statistics entails, including the exam format, question type, scoring, and passing grades. We do AP statistics exams for learners needing help through our professional “Take my AP Statistics exam” service. 

What is the 2023 AP Statistics Test, and What Makes it Challenging?

High school students in the U.S. take Advanced Placement (AP) exams to assess their skills in particular study areas before joining college. The college board administers these exams and awards college credits to students based on their scores. Learners then submit their AP scores to various universities to seek admission. The 2023 AP Statistics Placement Exams is a standardized AP test for students pursuing a statistical course in U.S. math schools.

The 2023 AP Statistics is averagely difficult. Part of the reason is that it covers more advanced introductory college-level materials, which challenge high school students. The concepts also require robust mathematical rigor and statistical software like graphing calculators to solve complex real-life problems.

The 2023 AP Statistic Test Format

The 2023 AP Statistics Test consists of two sections:

Section I: Multiple-Choice Questions

Section 1 of the 2023 AP Statistics exam comprises 40 questions taken within 1 hour and 30 minutes. This content area contributes 50% of the exam scores. Each question gives students five possible answer options, but only one is correct. The frequency and topics covered in this section are as follows:

  • Exploring one-variable data, contributing 15-23% of scores
  • Exploring two data variables, contributing 5-7% of the scores
  • Data collection, contributing 13-15% of scores
  • Random variables, probability, and probability distributions, adding 10-20% of the scores
  • Sampling Distributions contribute 7-12% of the scores
  • Inference for categorical data, contributing 12-15% of the scores
  • Inference for quantitative data (means), contributing 10-18% of the scores
  • Inference for unit categorical data, contributing 2-5% of the scores
  • Inference for quantitative data (slopes), contributing 2-5% of scores

Section II: Free Response Questions 

Section II of the 2023 AP Statistics Test has six questions taken within 1 hour and 30 minutes. These free-response questions include drawing graphs, finding means of standard deviation, or parameters for sampling. They are mainly problem-solving questions derived from Section I topics. 2023 AP Statistics Section 2 contributes 50% towards the total score.

2023 AP Statistics Exam Scoring and Weights

Learners get 1 point for every section I questions answered correctly. Thus, they have 40 possible points from the multiple-choice questions. Section II has 4 points for each of the six questions. Point values from Section I and II are then graded on a scale ranging between 1 to 5, which is interpreted as follow:

  • 1= No Recommendation
  • 2= Possibly Qualified
  • 3=Qualified
  • 4=Well qualified
  • 5=Extremely qualified

2023 AP Statistics Exam Performance based on the scales were as follows:

  • Extremely qualified= 15%
  • Well Qualified=22%
  • Qualified= 23%
  • Possibly Qualified=16%
  • No Recommendation= 24%

Highly competitive schools like UCLA consider 4 or 5 AP statistics test scores. Some top-tier colleges also take in learners with a 3, while some schools do not award credit based on the scores. Instead, they require learners to take diagnostic in-house admission tests to assess their proficiencies.

2023 AP Statistics Registration Process and Fees

Learners looking to register for the 2023 AP Statistics must first join a 2023 AP Stat Class after registering for the “My AP” accounts. Links to various classes are available on the AP college board homepage. Once they have joined the classes, learners should seek clarifications on the course or an exam to take from their school or course coordinator. The teacher or college should give them a join code used to access the exam.

Learners from the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada pay $95 for every 2023 AP Statistics Test attempt. The same fee applies to applicants taking the test from DoDEA schools. Learners from Outside of the U.S. and Canada pay $125. Applicants can retake the test twice or thrice, depending on the school.


The 2023 AP Statistics test scores are vital for learners’ mathematics and affiliated studies careers. However, the average passing grade is a justification that applicants need extensive preparation to achieve the target grades. Contact us to delegate your AP statistics exam to top experts for accurate help.

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